BIO: Mokasiya has been creating poems for over forty years inspired by movement, travel, story, experience, mystery, breath, and feeling, birthed in elements of earth, air, water and fire, expressed through hands, heart, soul and laughter. His poetry explores both the light and the dark, the connection to community, and to one another on this beautiful Earth home. He loves co-creating with poetry, outdoor art, stone and song, re-discovering the beauty in all that is. Please feel free to contact him for a poetry reading or work/play shop as he is willing to travel; reimbursement highly appreciated.

The Shaman's Dream, 90 pages with illustrations, 2010 - $10.00
When God First Laughed, 2007 - $8.00

Both books available for $15.00 plus $3.00 for shipping.

There is little time left now
for sharing your night’s drama

rest the pain
the sorrow of your thoughts
on a cloud of unconscious forgiveness

stop trying so hard to be fully aware
of conscious suffering
or digging out the old broken weapons
of guilt, blame, betrayal, and shame

share the star-field
of your singing voice

write love poems
to grasshoppers, frogs and sunspots

dance barefoot on the earth
spinning, spinning, until you know nothing
about the illusion of gravity

then anoint your neighbor’s feet
with the brush stroke
of your hair

paint passion fruit
into the heart of mystery

and laugh, laugh,
laugh your way
back home.

—Mokasiya Alan

Published in Sacred Fire Magazine