BIO: Ms. Blanchette has a BA in Philosophy from the University of Wisconsin–Parkside and has been writing poetry for over 25 years. Her first book, Layers of Moments, was published in 2006 and contains poetry as well as black and white photographs of Midwestern scenery. Her poetry can best be described as spiritual, intellectual and daring. Her photography is multi-dimensional—soft and gentle, yet hard and coarse. She describes a black and white photo as "timeless."

Ms. Blanchette is also the creator of The Fellow Bee Society (est. May 2007). The FBS explores the written, spoken and performed word along with the diverse aspects of photography with individuals who want to share their art and partake in the enjoyment of that process. As an author, Kimberly has been a presenter at numerous conferences and universities. She has performed her charismatic poetry on television, radio and at schools, libraries, bookstores and coffee shops. Her enthusiastic, passionate and articulate reading style make her a treat for all audiences alike. She has a positive and spiritual outlook on everything she's involved in.

Along with poetry readings/performances and public speaking events, Ms. Blanchette frequently holds many exciting workshops offered to the public as well as for universities, political organizations, women's organizations, LGBT organizations, and other places of social and educational interest. To view and purchase Ms. Blanchette's current copyrighted workshops or to simply learn more about Ms. Blanchette and her endeavors, please visit her website:

The Master and the Student, poetry chapbook, 10/2011 - $10.00 + S&H
poetry chapbook, 2010 - $10.00 + S&H
All Natural,
Audio CD, 2010 - $12.00 + S&H

Layers of Moments, Audio CD, 2007 - $5 + S&H.
Layers of Moments, poetry & photography, 2006 - $14.00 + S&H

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Sometimes It Is Easy to Forget
That We Are Flesh—
Bone And Muscle
Melt Away—
Blood Becomes Mist
Thought Becomes Dreamscapes of Many—
The Spirit Never Changes—
In Such Moments
I Am
I Become A New Creature
Singing With The Wind—
Giving Thanks In The Language Of Sound—
To The One Whose Every Name
As Joy

—Kimberly A. Blanchette