BIO: Ellaraine has received her eleventh Pushcart Prize nomination for poems, the Writecorner Press Poetry Prize, the Skysaje Poetry Prize, the Deane Wagner Poetry Prize, the Elizabeth R. Curry Prize and finalist status for Mudfish Poetry Prize, the Joy Harjo Poetry Award and the Creekwalker Poetry Prize. She is a frequent judge of poetry contests, edits poetry on a free-lance basis and has taught her poetry/writing workshop for schools, libraries and writing groups for several years. Her recent chapbook Blue Ribbons at the County Fair is a collection of first-place contest winning poems. About that chapbook:

"Blue Ribbons at the County Fair is a fiercely beautiful and quietly angry collection rendered in language that is as rocky as the Montana landscape. It is highly recommended not only to those with an interest in contemporary women writers, but for readers who love the American West and are eager to read more from its talented, but often underrepresented, authors." —JoSelle Vanderhooft, The Pedestal Magazine

"Ellaraine is a true independent, unfazed by literary convention.... She is one of the best, & Blue Ribbons at the County Fair is essential Lockie, worth twice the price." —Eric Greinke, Presa

"Her poems speak of times that have changed, relationships that have been lost, memories that have been tenaciously hoarded. These memories are like flowers pressed between the pages of a book; they are the book lyrically and exquisitely written—a celebration of many years, many blue ribbons won at the county fair." —David Fraser, Ascent Aspirations

Wild as in Familiar, Finishing Line Press, forthcoming in September 2011 - $12.00
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Blue Ribbons at the County Fair, PWJ Publishing, 2008 - $10.00
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Mod Gods and Luggage Straps, a broadside on handmade paper, BrickBat Revue, 2008 available at
Finishing Lines, Snark Publishing, 2005 - $5.00
Coloring Outside the Lines, The Plowman Printing House, 2002 - OUT OF PRINT
Crossing the Center Line, Sweet Annie Press, 2002 - OUT OF PRINT
Midlife Muse, winner of Poetry Forum's Chapbook Contest, 2000 - OUT OF PRINT

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The lady lays a quarter on the card table
An autocratic offer for an antiquated edition
of Betty Crocker basics
Betty and I go back to my bridal shower
The book is more than a two-bit buy

I say to the Saturday morning insult
Bittersweet menus from a first marriage
flavoring my bargaining ability
But she’s already thrashing through
a throng of scarves
Separating silk wheat from synthetic chaff
Faint whiffs of Ambush fragrance
trapping memories with olfactory talons
That drop me on a Montana farm
Where a fourteen-year-old dabs her first perfume
Reverie interrupted when the skinflint
singles out six scarves and says they stink
So will I settle on fifty cents for the stack
Ambush isn’t manufactured anymore
so the smell is collectible
I contend
As her son in one sadistic twist
separates a jewelry box from the ballerina
that once danced my daughter to sleep
And Mr. Scrooge caresses a 22-caliber rifle
Wants to know its past before he purchases
As if a possible heinous act
might haunt him posthumously
But I’m the one besieged by effigies
Of a deer carcass swinging from a barn ceiling
And a father queuing tin cans on a fence
before he teaches his daughter a soft trigger touch
Just the image I need to open fire
With verbal violence aimed inward
Vengeance for pricing my past
Pardon possible when I post a sign saying
Former Lives Free For All
And I leave the nettling family
To negotiate the here and now
To meet the future halfway

—Ellaraine Lockie

Previously published by PWJ Publishing