BIO: In June 2010 the New York City publisher, World Audience, Inc. released his thirteen book, Already There, (under his pen name Zen Nam). Prominent poet Jane Hirshfield described Already There this way: “As clear-seeing as a dustless mirror angled into a school of sun fish, the tiny poems of this book carry a multitude of reflections bright as mica, consummately free in spirit, and in equal measure comic and profound.”

Richard Weekley was born in Grand Junction, Colorado in 1945. Cofounder/coeditor of Volume Number Magazine from 1983-2000, he won the Teacher of the Year Award for teaching Creative Writing in the William S. Hart Union High School District in Los Angeles County in 1999. He retired after forty years in 2007 and now devotes his time to writing and his publishing company, Los Angeles Poets’ Press. The Literary Review, The MacGuffin, The Midwest Quarterly, Poetry LA, Queen’s Quarterly, Wisconsin Review, West Coast Review, Bitterroot, CQ, Crosscurrents, and Pudding are a sampling of the journals that have published his poetry. He is listed in A Directory of American Poets and Writers compiled by Poets & Writers, Inc., and the winner of various prizes, including Black Bear Publication’s International Chapbook Competition. He was a visiting artist at Mount Saint Mary’s College and California Institute of the Arts, as well as for many coffee houses, literary groups and colleges. He’s been a guest on several AM and FM radio programs. Although published internationally in four countries, Richard continues to counsel his dog Bubba not to bark at unseen skateboarders and himself not to make shopping lists for insect repellent or toilet paper during zazen. Richard’s Zen teacher tells him: “To study Zen is to study the self—to study the self is to forget the self.” Richard occasionally writes and is published under the pen name Zen Nam.

“Richard Weekley is a buddha with sax in hand; his tender never-ending tune will help us heal our lives.” —Peter Levitt, Finger Painting on the Moon.

“Richard Weekley is a dynamic communicator. His performance brings to life poems that already sing on the page; we are held spellbound by words that bring us into the very fabric of life, from earth to spirit, man to woman and child, god, images embroidered by every imaginable perception. Poetry that is so alive—makes us alive, and we leave a Weekley reading uplifted, ready to take on the world.” —Alice Pero, Moonday Poetry Reading Series Coordinator


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Not the Subject of Cocktail Parties (Black Bear Publications, 1986 Winner International Chapbook Competition)
Little Pianos—And Other Poems from Europe (Star Garden Poets Cooperative, 1982)
Mayan Night (Domina Books, 1981)
The Adventures of Chet Blake—Plastic Man [prose], (Crescent Publications, 1975)

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Vol. No. (Volume Number Magazine), Los Angeles Poets Press, back issues 1983–2000
The Night Arrives

and rains on
seconds that exit
the moment

all this delicious-
ness and no
moon to speak

the wave of
old knick-knack
knocking on the

your hand
I remember holding

on a bluff
over water that
had no name

       when we jumped
       the land was

and when we
laughed it was


the universe spreads
wings …

              we ride


—Richard Weekley

To See Everything Just As Atoms

Not as pillow and bed:
To see everything just as atoms:
The sky,
A knife,
A kiss,
A stone.

To see everything just as atoms
All wearing their ephemeral Buddha nature:
The butterfly wing,
The bicycle wheel
Sonata #5.

—Richard Weekley

from Already There