BIO: Robin Chapman's work has appeared in The American Scholar, The Hudson Review, OnEarth, Poetry, and The Southern Review, among many other journals. Her poems have been anthologized in J. Bosveld (ed.) Prayers to Protest, B. Goldberg (ed.) The First Yes, and B. Swann (ed.) Poetry Comes Up Where It Can.She teaches a week-long workshop in poetry at The Clearing in Door County,, and is a member of the performing group Prairie Fire Poetry Quartet with Shoshauna Shy, Richard Roe, and John Lehman. They are available to perform at museum openings, festivals and special events. Her poems have been set to music by Canadian composer Sara Scott Turner, incorporated in paintings by Canadian artist Colleen Anderson-Millard, and included in the Madison Festival Choir's Prairie Songs. A recipient of two Wisconsin Arts Board Individual Development Grants and a 2007 Literary Arts Fellowship, Robin is co-organizer of the Epidemic Peace Imagery exhibit ("hoping the idea will spread"), over 300 peace works by poets and visual artists to a same-size format that toured Wisconsin in 2003-10. She is professor emerita of Communicative Disorders at the University of Wisconsin­Madison, and won an Outstanding Achievement Poetry Award from the Wisconsin Library Association for her collection The Dreamer Who Counted the Dead, published by Word Tech Editions in 2007.

Robin hosts a poem a day from fellow & sister poets with one of her watercolors, at her blog, RobinChapmansPoemaDay,

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Abundance Winner of Cider Press Review's 2007 Editors' Award - 2009 - $16.95
Smoke and Strong Whiskey, Word Tech Editions - 2008 - $17.00
The Dreamer Who Counted the Dead, Word Tech Editions - 2007 - Winner of an Outstanding Achievement Poetry Award from the Wisconsin Library Association
On Retirement: 75 Poems University of Iowa Press, edited with J. Strasser - 2007
Images of a Complex World: The Art and Poetry of Chaos, World Scientific (with J.C. Sprott) - 2005 - $36.00. Winner of the 2005 Posner Book-Length Poetry Award, Council for Wisconsin Writers. To read a review:
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Once, Juniper Press, 2005 - $7.00 with illustrations by Lynne Burgess
Arborvitae, Juniper Press, 2002 - Sold Out
The Only Everglades in the World, Parallel Press, 2001 - $10.00
The Way In, Tebot Bach Publishing, 1999 Winner of the Posner Poetry Award, Council for Wisconsin Writers, 2000 - $12.00
Banff Dreaming, (CD), Fireweed Press, 1998 - $10.00
Learning to Talk, Fireweed Press, 1991 - $7.00 (One of Small Press Review's Summer Reading Picks for 1992)
Distance, Rate, Time, Fireweed Press, 1989 - Sold Out

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June cattails ring the marsh,
    doubled cylinders held above
      the new leaf tips—
a chartreuse fuse lit and burning
    down the barrel to the matched
      receptive green that, come fall
will be all that's left of what we see—
    thick brown plush topped
      by a thin charred stalk.
Come spring again,
    a wild unraveling
      amid the bent old leaves
and tender greens—
    torches that seed the world
      as they disappear.

—Robin Chapman

published in Appalachia